Glorious Cost-Effective Cutting Board

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 Glorious Cost-Effective Cutting Board

                                  Glorious Cost-Effective Cutting Board

Your kitchen cutting board can get pretty grimy over time, as you chop and chop and chop, exposing it to all kinds of bacteria and grime that can make you sick if it’s not properly cleaned. One solution is to simply buy yourself a new cutting board every few months; however, this can become expensive over time. A more cost-effective option is to use an antimicrobial emulsion, like the one made by Odor-No-More, to keep your cutting board’s surface smooth and clean without sacrificing any of its functionality.

 Brand Woodeeworld $14.99  In stock.

The Reason Why You Need This Cutting Board:-

Most of us are pretty familiar with what a cutting board is used for, and we’re also very familiar with keeping it clean. We know that if we put raw meat on our boards, they should be thoroughly washed afterwards—or even thrown out. And while you might think a wood cutting board is more sanitary than one made of plastic, in fact it can harbor bacteria quite easily because of its smooth surface and hard material. This is where an antimicrobial emulsion comes in! Have you ever thought about which type of cutting board to use? You should try an antimicrobial emulsion. It is food safe and it keeps your cutting board smooth and lasts a long time.

The thought of using a wooden cutting board makes many people uncomfortable, but in reality, wooden cutting boards are easy to maintain. The secret to maintaining and keeping it free from bacteria is by applying an antimicrobial emulsion. A simple mixture of oil and water will prevent microorganisms and germs from growing in your cutting board.

Cleaning of Cutting Board:-

1. Examine Your Wood - The smoother and more even a wood surface is, the longer it will last. If you’re using a cutting board on an uneven surface (like granite), be sure to examine its condition after each use to make sure that it remains smooth.

2. Avoid Soap and Water - Using soap and water will erode and fade wood boards over time.

Emulsified oil:-

Commercial-grade cutting boards are typically treated with emulsified oil that makes them impervious to water and bacteria. But home cooks may be surprised to learn they can benefit from a similar treatment on their own boards, as it will make them more durable, easier to clean and sanitize, and smoother. Here’s what you need to know about applying an oil cutting board treatment at home.


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A durable and fine quality plastic cutting board