National Cotton Candy Day

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National Cotton Candy Day


To the delight of our sweet tooth’s and the dismay of our dentists, December 7 is recognized as National Cotton Candy Day. But did you know that dentists were the ones who first created it? Fairy floss was the name given to it in the past. It is now the preferred choice at county fairs and a requirement when riding a Ferris wheel. The sugary cloud known as cotton candy is a staple of most of our childhood memories. Continue reading to learn more about its origins and how to enjoy one of the year's sweetest days.


  1. Consume as much cotton candy as you like, then buy some to celebrate! Consider giving a novel flavor a shot. Banana? A sour apple? Strawberry?
  2. Share some with your family members or childhood buddies.
  3. Celebrate with the person you had cotton candy with when you were younger. This sweet fix will no doubt be accompanied by sweet memories.
  4. To make it at home, try
  5. Do you feel you could outperform the dentists who invented it? Try it out, and while you're at it, sample some other flavors.

Three reasons why we never seem to have enough

The sole authentic component is sugar.

  1. Cotton candy is created entirely of sugar, so when it is spun, it turns completely white. The color might change if dye is added.

A strand of human hair is thinner than a thread of cotton candy.

  1. Despite being thin, the treat can be rather long. In actuality, the 1,400-meter-long cotton candy was produced in July 2009.

The name for cotton candy varies from country to country.

  1. It is referred to as candy floss in England. It is known as fairy floss in Australia and Finland. It is referred to as a "sugar spider" in the Netherlands and goes by the name suikerspin. Are you visiting France? Call it the papa's beard, or barbe à papa.


Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

  • This is your ticket to that necessary sugar high if you need a sweet fix.

Fast, simple, and no crumbs

  • Cotton candy is not only simple to store, but it also cleans up easily. It's merely delicate clouds of sugar that can be quickly folded up and consumed.

It makes us feel wistful

  • Fairs, carnivals, and more. It brings back memories to eat cotton candy. It's wonderful to relive our childhood.